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We're going to be looking at 4 plugins that bring a good integrate git experience to Neovim

 Plug 'mhinz/vim-signify'
 Plug 'tpope/vim-fugitive' 
 Plug 'tpope/vim-rhubarb'
 Plug 'junegunn/gv.vim'

Create config files

touch ~/.config/nvim/plug-config/signify.vim

Make sure to source this file in init.vim

Configure Signify

Signify will show added, modified, or removed lines

From the documentation:

SIGNS                                                            *signify-signs*

    `+`     This line was added.

    `!`     This line was modified.
    `_1`    The number of deleted lines below this sign. If the number is larger
    `99`    than 9, the `_` will be omitted. For numbers larger than 99, `_>`
    `_>`    will be shown instead.
    `!1`    This line was modified and the lines below were deleted.
    `!>`    It is a combination of `!` and `_`. If the number is larger than 9,
          `!>` will be shown instead.

    `‾`     The first line was removed. It's a special case of the `_` sign.

​ See |g:signify_sign_add| on how to use different signs.

You can also stage and unstage hunks

Here's some config for changing the buffer signs

" Change these if you want
let g:signify_sign_add               = '+'
let g:signify_sign_delete            = '_'
let g:signify_sign_delete_first_line = '‾'
let g:signify_sign_change            = '~'
" I find the numbers disctracting
let g:signify_sign_show_count = 0
let g:signify_sign_show_text = 1

​" Jump though hunks
nmap <leader>gj <plug>(signify-next-hunk)
nmap <leader>gk <plug>(signify-prev-hunk)
nmap <leader>gJ 9999<leader>gJ
nmap <leader>gK 9999<leader>gk
" If you like colors instead
" highlight SignifySignAdd                  ctermbg=green                guibg=#00ff00
" highlight SignifySignDelete ctermfg=black ctermbg=red    guifg=#ffffff guibg=#ff0000
" highlight SignifySignChange ctermfg=black ctermbg=yellow guifg=#000000 guibg=#ffff00


Here are the commands I use:


There are more commands but I prefer the options fugitive and gv provide

Fugitive / Rhubarb

This plugin is what we'll use for interacting with git

Note GBrowse only works when Rhubarb is installed

Note Make sure you are using git through ssh not http


:Git add

:Git commit
:Git push
:Git pull
:Git diff

:Git log
:Git blame





From the readme: "A git commit browser."

To open commit browser:


You can pass git log options to the command, e.g. :GV -S foobar.

Other options

 :GV!         # will only list commits that affected the current file
 :GV?         # fills the location list with the revisions of the current file
 :GV          # or :GV? can be used in visual mode to track the changes in the selected lines.


  • o or on a commit to display the content of it
  • o or on commits to display the diff in the range
  • O opens a new tab instead
  • gb for :Gbrowse
  • ]] and [[ to move between commits
  • . to start command-line with :Git [CURSOR] SHA à la fugitive
  • q or gq to close

Check out the repos here