TM4C123G LaunchPad - Code Composer Studio

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In this lab, we’ll create a project that contains two source files, main.c and tm4c123gh6pm_startup_ccs_gcc.c, which contain the code to blink an LED on your LaunchPad board. The purpose of this lab is to practice creating projects and getting to know the look and feel of Code Composer Studio. In later labs we’ll examine the code in more detail. So far now, don’t worry about the C code we’ll be using in this lab.

Ek tm4c123gxl launchpad board.png

Create a New CCS Project
Review the CCS GUI
Add Path and Build Variables
Add files to your project
Link the TivaWare libdriver.a file to your project
Add the INCLUDE search paths for the header files
Examine Project Explorer
Build your project and fix any errors
Debug Configuration
Load, Debug, Run
VARS.INI - An Easier Way to Add Variables Obsolete.jpg

Create a variable at workspace level in CCS 6.1.x