Integrate Neovim with Ranger

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Install Ranger

  • Mac
brew install ranger
  • Ubuntu
sudo apt install ranger
  • Arch
sudo pacman -S ranger

Install Ranger devicons

git clone ~/.config/ranger/plugins/ranger_devicons

You can now add default_linemode devicons to your rc.conf

Install Ueberzug (Linux only)

Unfortunately Ueberzug only supports linux at the moment far as I know

  • Ubuntu (Note you may experience your images being badly placed this is because pip doesn't have the newest version of ueberzug, if you find this issue please install from source)
pip install ueberzug
  • Arch

yay -S python-ueberzug-git

Ranger config file

make sure you create a ranger config file and at least add the following lines

Add the following file:

mkdir ~/.config/ranger
touch ~/.config/ranger/rc.conf
Add this configuration to rc.conf
set preview_images_method ueberzug
default_linemode devicons
set show_hidden true

Add the Ranger plugin

Plug 'kevinhwang91/rnvimr', {'do': 'make sync'}

Add some config to ~/.config/nvim/plug-config/rnvimr.vim

touch ~/.config/nvim/plug-config/rnvimr.vim

Add the following:

" Make Ranger replace netrw and be the file explorer
let g:rnvimr_ex_enable = 1
nmap <space>r :RnvimrToggle<CR>

Make sure to source the config

source $HOME/.config/nvim/plug-config/rnvimr.vim

Sync your ranger config

You may need to run this


Alternative Ranger plugin