Eclipse - Configuring Network Preferences

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Configuring Network Preferences

W need to configure some of the preferences to upgrade/install new plugins/features in future.

Eclipse Preferences Menu

Make sure you are connected to internet, Select Window > Preferences from the eclipse main menu as shown in the screen:

Eclipse Network Preferences

Since we are behind a network proxy, set it correctly. In the preferences window, select General > Network Connection. Within the Network Connections tab, select manual from the Active Provider and edit Proxy Entries for HTTP and HTTPS as

Host = and Port = 3128

and clear etries for SOCKS as shown in the screen.

Next, select Help > Check for Updates from the eclipse main menu.

Check for Update Menu

eclipse Update Progress

If you have configured the Network Connection properly, eclipse will check for the updates from the repositories as shown in the screen. If eclipse doesn't find any updates, You will see the following screen.

eclipse - No Updates

Dismiss the above dialog by pressing OK button.

If Eclipse finds any updates, it would tell you about available updates. Select what you want to update, Click Next > button and Accept License Agreement, Click Next > followed by Finish button.