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Embedded Systems Design - I

Haresh Dagale
*Credits → 2:1
*Instructor → Haresh Dagale, Principal Scientific Officer

Introduction to embedded computing. Introduction to RISC architetcure. Introduction to embedded software development, S/W Development environment - Cross Complier, Linker, Debugger Stand-alone systems. Introduction to ARM architecture and ARM/THUMB instruction set. Introduction to DSP, Memories, Interfacing memory with processor, Peripherals. Clocks and Power Management.

Reference Books:

  • Patterson, D.A., And Hennessy, J.L., The Programming Environment for 32-bit Microprocessors, Freescale Semiconductor Computer Organisation and Design, sixth edition, The Hardware/Software Interface.
  • Hennessay, J.L., and Patterson, D. A., Computer Architecture: A quantitatve Approach to Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective.
  • Steve Furber., ARM System-On-Chip Architecture, second edition